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Community Outreach Self Defense


Empowering individuals of all ages with the skills and confidence needed to protect themselves in any situation. With a focus on practical techniques and situational awareness, our classes provide a fun and engaging environment for learning valuable self-defense skills. Contact us today to discover the benefits of martial arts training for your organization or community.


Equipping children to stand tall against bullies with our specialized anti-bully classes! Our program focuses on building confidence, assertiveness, and effective communication skills to help children navigate challenging situations verbally and physically. Through a blend of role-playing, self-defense, and positive reinforcement, we instill the tools and mindset needed to combat bullying. Contact us today to prepare the children in your life to stand-up for themselves.

Community Outreach Anti Bully
Community Outreach Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger

Equipping children with the knowledge and skills to stay safe! Our program cultivates situational awareness and critical thinking through interactive exercises and real-life scenarios. Kids learn to recognize potential threats, trust their instincts, and take proactive measures to ensure to ensure their own safety. Contact us today to empower the children in your life to navigate the world confidently and responsibly.

Women's Defense

Promoting confidence and security with our women’s defense class! From mastering effective strikes to understanding the importance of body language, our expert instructors provide the tolls and knowledge needed to navigate any situation safely. Contact us today to discuss empowering women to protect themselves and others.

Community Outreach Womens Self Defense
Community Outreach Tai Chi

Tai Chi (Ki Gong)

Embark on a journey of inner peace and vitality with our Ki Gong class, a Korean-style practice akin to the serene flow of Tai Chi. Discover the are of gentle movements and meditative mindfulness through slow, deliberate exercises and deep breathing techniques. Our classes promote relaxation, balance, strength, and flexibility. Contact us to experience the transformative power of Ki Gong, and cultivate a sens of calm and well-being that resonates throughout your daily life.

Fitness and Fun

Inspire active lifestyles with our fitness and fun class, where kids discover the joy of movement through exhilarating games and challenging obstacle courses! Our program blends fitness with laughter, teaching kids essential skills while they play/ From navigating exciting obstacle courses to engaging in dynamic team challenges, every session is a thrilling adventure. Contact us toda to make fitness fun!

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